Dorris Research: Unanswered Question 2

Saturday afternoon I spent a few minutes at the TN State Archives browsing their collection of Nashville City Directories.  I see in the 1907 Directory that Charles E. W. Dorris has moved to Los Angeles, California.

C. E. W. Dorris in 1907 Nashville City Directory

In 1906 he lived in West Nashville on Morrow Road near Kentucky Avenue; in 1908 he is back in the same block of Morrow.  And sometime in or during 1907 he is in LA.  Preaching I assume, but I can’t verify even that.


One thought on “Dorris Research: Unanswered Question 2

  1. i looked through the “California Notes” in the 1907 GA, but i don’t see CEWD among the people mentioned. It occurs to me that Jerry Rushford, who has studied Churches of Christ in Los Angeles and California for many years, might know how to look for him. One could look for a notice of CEWD in James Walton Shepherd’s regular “Miscellany” column in the 1907 GA.

    In the List of the Preachers of the Churches of Christ (edited by Shepherd and published by McQuiddy Printing) for 1906, 1907, and 1908, CEWD’s address is given as “West Nashville, Tenn.” In 1909 CEWD is missing entirely, but in 1910 he is back, with a full street address.

    Meanwhile i happened to notice that Edwin Alexander Elam has some things to say in 1907 about Thomas W Brents’s son-in-law and sometime biographer, “Rev.” Victor W Dorris. See E A Elam, “An Announcement,” Gospel Advocate 49 no 39 (26 September 1907): 610.

    God’s Peace to you.


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