DLC Honors Veteran Preachers, 1954


Here is another installment in my Dorris research.  From the February 25, 1954 Gospel Advocate, page 157, the men pictured are the “honor guests” of the 13th Annual Fellowship Dinner at the Lipscomb Lectures.  Each having preached more than forty years, the combined number of years preached, Willard says, is near 1300 years.  As one I know is wont to say…that calls for a lot of patience from all concerned.


Of the 26 men honored, 14 are from Nashville. Seven more are from Middle Tennessee.  Again we see the familiar faces of the elder statesmen from years past at these Fellowship Dinners.  Seated on the far left is George Bethurum, one-time classmate of Hall Laurie Calhoun at the College of the Bible and the man who was very likely behind Calhoun’s move to Nashville in 1926-ish.  Front-row-center is Price Billingsley, who published a paper–the Gospel Advance–and who took over Dorris’ Tidings of Joy in the summer of 1920.   To Dorris’ right is O. C. Lambert,  whom Dorris took to task a decade earlier concerning his (Lambert’s) stand with Cled and Foy Wallace on the ‘War Question.’  Lambert was in cahoots with the Wallace War Baby and CEWD was none to pleased about it.  There is much, much more to be done on that one.  And, I’m still sorting through what is happening even as this photo was snapped between Dorris and Benton Cordell Goodpasture, who appears in this august company for the first time.  He is standing behind Dorris’ left shoulder…close enough to shake hands but I think they are growing farther apart by the day.

As I remarked in an earlier post in this series, look carefully, ponder deeply the faces you see, and consider those who were absent.


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