Survey Says

While I may have blogged little in the last six weeks, I did think about it.  One of the things I mulled over was the survey on the side-bar to your right.  Here are the results of the latest survey:

In the ‘other’ category three responses were submitted:

1. combination of exegetical with motivational (modern-day application)    
2. If they’re done well, I like and appreciate all of the above.    
3. Postmodern – meaning: screwing up all these categories!
1. What type of teaching (as in Bible classes or Sunday School), as a general rule, best speaks to you?
  answered question 15
  skipped question
60.0% 9
13.3% 2
Doctrinal:   0.0% 0
20.0% 3
13.3% 2
Other (please specify) 3

Interesting. First off, if you participated…thank you.  I appreciate it.   As a one-time paid-minister and now-sometime volunteer teacher I have a stake in this that goes beyond curiosity.  I am curious what best speaks to people, but more than that I take my teaching seriously and any feedback is helpful and welcome.  My own experience in teaching, not to say my personal preference, tracks right along with the results above.  Laura and I, if I can speak for her here, agree with anonymous ‘other’ poster #’s 1 and 2 above.  We appreciate most anything done well, and try to learn from everyone no matter what.  We try, sometimes it is easy, sometimes not.  I try as a teacher to teach well, although these categories aren’t so rigidly separated from each other in any particular class I teach.  For example, Sunday we were in Colossians 1 and looking back over it, my teaching wove together exegesis, exhortation, inspiration, and theology.  Whether I did it well isn’t for me to judge, I’m just making the observation that the categories aren’t always so neat.  Furthermore, if done well, I don’t think that matters.

Anyhow, so far as it goes, thanks for participating in my little survey.  Check the side-bar to your right, a new one is up.  I’ll leave it up a while and I would appreciate your input.


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