Weekend Genealogy

Returning to Ice family history this weekend, I scanned:

–several photographs of Isaac and Elizabeth Ice, Andrew Jackson and Mary Ann Roberts Ice, K. C. and Rosa Birdie Sandidge Ice and McGarvey and Ella May Dudley Ice

–some pages from KC Ice’s journals concerning his courses and expenses at Hiram College in 1898-1900

–a few items from Franklin University in Columbus Ohio, where MC Ice taught for 33 years

–some photos and documents relating to the Ice’s spiritual home in the Stone-Campbell tradition

I have been able to trace my Ice roots in the Restoration Movement back to Isaac and his son Andrew Jackson Ice in 1866.  The Dudley’s were Congregationalists and Methodists, the Sandidge’s Missionary Baptists; the Roberts may have been Campbellites, but I’m not sure about that.  As far as the Ice’s, I may be able to go back in the Movement to the 1830’s, but I’m afraid an afternoon or more of genealogical spade work will be needed to confirm whether, and if so how, the Abram Ice who subscribed to Barton Stone’s Christian Messenger in 1832 is my kin in the flesh or only in the faith.  This is all on my father’s side; I have much more work to do on my mother’s side.

I have blogged a little about my Ice family history at www.icefamily.wordpress.com.  As time permits this fall I want to add not only more of those documents and photographs I inherited, but also some of my research.  For example, First Christian Church of East Sparta and the Church of Christ in Jerry City, Ohio:  I have one photograph each of these churches, and I have a rough idea when KC and Rosa Ice lived in these villages.  I’d like to see what I can find on these congregations, what they were up to in the kingdom of God and in the Stone-Campbell tradition.

Then there is a story to be told about Kromer Columbus Ice, who at age 15 was a subscriber to Austin McGary’s Firm Foundation, at age 22 entered Hiram College, in 1907 was graduated with a Master of Philosophy degree from Bethany College and who in 1927 moved with his son (who he named after JW McGarvey) to teach at Christian Normal Institute in Grayson, Kentucky….among other things…

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