Louisville Free Public Library flood damage

Read the story and see the pictures at Library Journal.

Eerie…really eerie.  Especially since as I type this we have workmen in T. W. Phillips Memorial replastering the ceiling in the Fiers Lecture Hall in preparation for painting to be followed by new flooring.   Then the crew will move downstairs for more painting, more new floors and ceilings (including my office).

When we have heavy rains in Nashville…every time…I go to the basement loading dock and keep an eye on the storm drains.  Laura and I have driven by at 10pm to check the drains (as have some of my colleagues).  Ordinarily people think of ‘preservation’ and images of full closets and sagging shelves come to mind.  There is much more to preserving history than stashing it away…sometimes it means checking the storm drains and monitoring weather forecasts.

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