Happy Birthday Sara (and an Update from the Ice’s)

Happy First Birthday today to Sara! The Ice house is full of friends and family this weekend. I’ll try to post pictures on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook.  I resisted and even mildly protested, but eventually caved in (Laura is smiling a wry smile right now…)

Ella’s broken arm is healing like a charm.  I credit all the milk she drinks.  Short version: she fell off the neighbor’s trampoline [in Ellaspeak that is bounce-a-line] and fractured her right arm somewhere at the elbow).   Laura and I are grateful it was just a fracture and didn’t require surgery.  The first words out of my mouth when the neighbors got it (Christmas Day): it will be a miracle if someone doesn’t break their neck on that thing.  Of course, it would be our child who breaks an arm…

Darby is back in the saddle as a second-grader.  She’s also a second-grader sans her two front teeth.  She has a great teacher who has high expectations and who nurtures them well….two things we appreciate.  When one or the other is out of whack then there will be problems.  In an interesting twist you’d only see at a small private school, Laura had one of her daughters, Jana, in 4th grade, and I had both Jana and Rachel in my high school classes.  The entire Frankum family is high-class.  Darby also loves the new uniforms.  Again, pictures forthcoming…hopefully before Christmas break.

My garden has slowed down a bit due to some kind of rot that got into my zucchini and then spread to the cucumbers.  The cucumbers are fat, yellow and round. They don’t look good at all.  But, I didn’t spray any pesticides and the only fertilizer I used was my own homemade compost.  I have the satisfaction of an all-natural organic garden.  Too bad we don’t have the satisfaction of being able to sustain ourselves from it…..  Both cherry tomatoes (the volunteer ones) and okra are slowly but steadily coming in well.  The carrots are in there somewhere.

We adopted a kitten a couple weeks ago.  We found him in a storm drain [Ellaspeak is storm-tank] at church.  When we came out after church he was still in there and no sign of mama cat anywhere.  All estimates put him at about 3 weeks old.  He’s all black with a tiny white spot on his chest.  Darby named him Sam.

Laura is teaching first graders on Wednesday nights at church and I’m back in the 11th-12th grade class on Sunday mornings for Genesis 12-50.

My research for the time being has shifted from C.E.W. Dorris back to James Walton Shepherd.  I’m set to read a paper at the Declaration and Address Conference at Johnson Bible College in September.  I’m discussing Shepherd’s use of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address in his 1929 book The Church, The Falling Away and The Restoration.  Shepherd has been a research interest of mine for a good ten years.  I’ve managed to amass a research file on Dorris that is twice the size of what I have on Shepherd…but that is slowly changing.


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