Andrew Jackson Ice

AJ and Mary Ann Ice

A. J. Ice was, like his father, a farmer in and near Center Point, Doddridge County (West) Virginia.  At age 14 in 1861 he enlisted, with his father Isaac, in the Union Army.  And like his parents, he is buried at Center Point Christian Church Cemetery.

AJ Ice grave marker

Andrew and his wife Mary Ann Roberts had six children, all boys.  The oldest, Melvin, was twelve when A.J. died of appendicitis in 1882.  The baby, James Abram Garfield Ice, was still an infant.  My great-grandfather, Kromer Columbus Ice (I have seen it spelled Cromer in one of A. J.’s journals) was six years old when his father died.

I inherited a few books with A. J.’s signature in them.  Among them are James Challen’s Question Book on the Acts of the Apostles, designed for Sunday Schools and Bible Classes (1868), Alexander Campbell’s Familiar Lectures on the Pentateuch… (1867) and a small pocket testament.  My hunch is that the testament may have been presented to him upon his baptism.  The scan below, if I am reading it correctly, says “A. J. Ice’s Book/presented to him/ By Mr. R. V. Miller/Sept. the 1st 1866/Presented to him/R. V. Miller/(your guess is as good as mine).”  Of the books I have with his signature inside, this date–Sept. 1, 1866–is the earliest.  He acquired the Campbell book April 14, 1868 and the Challen book May 15, 1869.  The testament, unlike Challen or Campbell, was presented to A.J. Ice.  The others, I can only presume, he acquired somehow else.  Is this presentation evidence of his baptism at the hands of R. V. Miller?  I cannot say, but I wonder nonetheless. (I see there is an obituary in the Christian Standard for an R. V. Miller in 1939, but as yet I have not laid my eyes upon it.)

AJ Ice's NT 1

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