Kromer Columbus Ice

Kromer Columbus Ice was born June 27, 1876 in Center Point, Doddridge County, West Virginia, the fourth of Andrew Jackson and Mary Ann Roberts’ Ice’s six sons.  Born in a log cabin, he lived with his brothers in the home of his grandparents, Isaac and Elizabeth Ice after his father died.  He also lived for a time with his maternal grandparents and uncles.  His father and grandfather (Isaac and A.J. Ice) were in 1876 veterans of the Civil War, serving together in the Union Army.  Both had connections to the Christian Church at Center Point and his father was aware of the literature of the Reformation, particularly that of Alexander Campbell.  Center Point was (and still is) a wide spot on a curvy road in the heart of central West Virginia.  Little has changed there since young KC grew up.  These photographs were taken around 1900 or so.

Center Point, WV

Kromer and his brothers attended what was likely a one-room school (in a diary he recorded the names of each of his teachers, from age 6 to about 16).  His studies continued in a more formal way at Salem College in Salem, West Virginia.  A small, but steady for a while, stream of income from a gas well on the Ice property financed his education at Salem and later at Hiram College.  He boarded with a family at Salem and taught some in a one-room school.  In another diary he recorded the names of his students who, for one reason or other, got their whippings.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Below is a tin-type of Kromer Columbus Ice, age 12.

KC Ice, age 12


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