Right eye, Captain!

A conversation in the Ice house, October 2009:


Mac: Ella, please pick up your crayons (or something like this).

Ella: [saluting] Right eye, Captain!


I rarely put family stuff like this on this blog, but this is so cute I can’t resist.  We have no idea where she heard ‘aye, aye, captain’ but her rendition is priceless.  We are writing all of these down.  Trust me there are many more; Laura maintains a book for each of the girls.  It’s hard to believe this time next year Ella May will be in kindergarten.  Seems like yesterday I was announcing her birth on this blog.

1 thought on “Right eye, Captain!

  1. Many, many years ago, in the midst of one of those family conversations in an automobile — the kind of conversation one never wants to have — my father said to my mother, “Yes, and I’m a Campbellite, too.”

    It was a tense moment, and what my near-ten-year-old ears heard was, of course, “Camel light.”

    What on earth was a “camel light,” i wondered, and how could my father be one? It would be some years before i learned and understood what he had said.

    May God have mercy.


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