Merry Christmas from the Ice’s


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Ice’s

  1. i can see that those are somebody’s Grand Children!

    May the Peace God dwell always with you and your lovely family.


  2. Hi Mac: My wife’s maiden was Edith Berneice Ice who is a descendant of William “Indian Billy” Ice, son of Frederick Ice by his first wife Mary Galloway….Frederick is mention as “a man Ice” in Washington’s Diary…a very interesting story. I write a Family Newsletter for Christmas each year, so I am use to writing stories too! I would like copies of the Ice History where you have probably written your lineage? Let me know if this is available, cost, etc….would like to exchange stories… ancestral ties go back to before the Revolution….a relative on my mother’s side of the family baptized George Washington and said the first prayer for the new Nation…1784, I believe. You may have history of Chaplain John Gano who settled In Kentucky, buried at Frankfort. Let me hear from you. Frank Shrimplin, Valley Falls, Kansas

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