eScriptorium: 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a big fan of resolutions.  But I’m game for a little goal-setting for this next year.  On this date last year  I hoped to publish to this blog some research finds, Ice family history, fruits of teaching ministry, and a few eclectic odds and ends.  About the only specific goal I made for myself was to generate five posts per week.  That didn’t consistently happen, but maybe I can take some solace in the fact that my output for ’09 was greater than ’08.  I also think it was more substantial in terms of content.

So, for 2010 I propose more of the same.  I like the combination of academic research, family history, state and local history, congregational ministry, etc.  Let’s stick with a five-posts-per-week goal.  That seems reasonable. 

I don’t suffer from want of material (as it stands now I have one filing cabinet drawer apiece for brothers Dorris and Shepherd, and another 2 drawers for Nashville Stone-Campbell stuff).  I have somewhere in the neighborhood of three file drawers of Ice family history.  The problem is wading through it all.  There is a lot to digest and my perfectionistic tendencies ensure that I hesitate.  I know enough to know there is a great, great deal I don’t know.  I want to feel comfortable with what I say and how I interpret the material.  I also want to say it well.  Blogging my research in 2009 was helpful, but we’ll see if it can’t be more so in 2010.

The Christmas break has given me some time to catch up on some reading.  I have prepared a few book reviews (the review of George Zepp’s Hidden History of Nashville is already up) and scheduled them to appear over the next several weeks.  I hope to review old books as well as new ones.  Again, it is easy to say so now…we’ll see how it turns out.

Lastly, the Explorations in Stone-Campbell Bibliography didn’t appear on the 27th of each month like I hoped.  I’ll give it another go for 2010.


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