4 thoughts on “Hall’s Campbellite Catechism on Google Books

  1. John Newton Hall (1849-1905) is a Landmark Baptist preacher, debater, and editor whose Baptist Flag, published in Fulton, Kentucky, is a mirror of McGary’s Firm Foundation. Hall’s Flag bears the same relation to the Southern Baptist Western Recorder in Louisville as McGary’s Firm Foundation bears to David Lipscomb’s Gospel Advocate or Burnett’s Budget. Radical sectarians always define themselves against The Other, whoever The Other may be. The more alike they are, the more their few distinctions matter, and the more they hate each other. “The devil is in the details.” It is ever so.

    Here Brother Hall is making sport of the divisions among the Campbellites over baptism, and Brother McGary and Brother Burnett provide him plenty of material. They could have done the same to him, and indeed they may have. Hall’s salvos aimed at Louisville, and the responding bombardment, would have given them much choice invective with which to work. The distinguishing characteristic of those given to “religious” controversy is that they have no shame. This is the primary difference between Brother Lipscomb and his brothers McGary and Burnett.

    God’s Peace to you.


    • Thank you Don for that information. Oakley crosses swords often with the GA writers. Srygley comes immediately to mind and Srygley has some things to say about Oakley in “The New Testament Church.” CEW Dorris publishes a debate JTO has with his brother.

    • Time spent on Google Books is time well-spent. It appears they are aware of many RM books which haven’t made it online yet. It may be they are harvesting information about authors and publications from libraries and then when the item is available they have a box to put it in, so to speak. Whatever the case, its out there and looks like more is on the way. Tolle lege!

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