Explorations in Stone-Campbell Bibliography, #9: The Art of the Books (GA and McQuiddy)

In installment #8 I looked at a few early to middle 19th century Stone-Campbell books.  I pick up here with pre-1900 Gospel Advocate Publishing Company books.

F. D. Srygley, Smiles and Tears, or Larimore and His Boys (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1889) in bold red cloth with black floral designs on the spine and front cover.  This particular design shows up on books printed by the Southern Methodist Publishing House; they did the mechanical work for early GA books.

F. D. Srygley, Seventy Years in Dixie (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1891) with the nice gilt letting on the spine.  Civil Government (1889 first edition and the 1913 reprint) has a similar diagonal design on the front cover.  Come to think of it, so does the 1914 edition of Seventy Years.

Celia P. R. Boswell, My Book, At the Age of Eight Years (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1893) is a small book for a juvenile audience.

Andrew P. Stout, The Jerusalem Tragedy (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1895) has a gilded Jesus and a black floral design which diesn’t show up too well against the dark blue cloth.

David Lipscomb, Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons for 1895 (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1895) might be mistaken for Peloubet’s if only the spine is visible.  the next time you are in a used book store, don’t gloss over Peloubet’s too quickly.  You might miss Uncle Dave in the process.

David Lipscomb, Commentary on Acts (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1896) in simple black cloth with understated blind-stamped designs on the covers.  The spine has minimal gilt design; somehow I think it is just what DL would prefer in a book design.

E. S. B. Waldron, The Gospel Proclaimer: A Book of Twenty Sermons (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Publishing Company, 1898) echoes Shepherd’s Handbook albeit in a scaled-down fashion.  Waldron is a good LaVergne, tennessee preacher.  There are yet many Waldrons in Churches of Christ in northeast Rutherford County.  He had other volumes and editions of the Gospel Proclaimer. One was self-published and one was published by F. L. Rowe.

This brings us to 1900.  Look for 20th century items in future posts.

5 thoughts on “Explorations in Stone-Campbell Bibliography, #9: The Art of the Books (GA and McQuiddy)

  1. Well done and very interesting. Don’t forget the fine books published by John Burns of St. Louis in the 1880s. Great content and beautiful books.

    All the best,

    Terry Gardner

    • I had in mind to look next at Standard Publishing before 1900, but I think I’ll look at John Burns first. I will also try to scare up some photos of some examples of the Southern Methodist Publishing House’ s mechanical work. GA and McQuiddy books are well done with good quality paper and bindings. I don’t think I have ever seen a GA or McQ book done in leather, with one exception…the Carmack book. Maybe some of their job priting for the state or maybe a yearbook?

  2. I have a first edition of F. D. Srygley’s “Seventy Years In Dixie” (1891) done in leather by the GA with gold gilt pages.

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