H. Leo Boles and J. W. McGarvey, part 2a

Seventh Negative

…His next reference is to the quotation from the lamented J. W. mcGarvey.  I must say that brother Clubb does himself no honor and his own cause an injury by trying to impeach the scholarship and integrity of brother McGarvey when he says that “McGarvey was not a Greek scholar.”  All know that Brother McGarvey was a Greek scholar, and that he was very careful to state facts in writing his articles.  The venerable W. T. Moore said that he was “regarded as one of the safest and truest men in the church of Christ.” (“The Living Pulpit,” page 325.)  Again, he said: “That which most distinguishes him as a writer and speaker is his clearness; there is never the slightest confusion in his ideas.  he has very little imagination, and relies [105] almost exclusively on facts for effect.”  (Ibid., page 326.)  So it does not matter what brother McGarvey’s son says about his father, nor what any one else may say about him.  the fact still remains that brother McGarvey said: “And if any man who is a preacher believes that the apostle teaches the use of instrumental music in the church be enjoining the signing of psalms, he is one of those smatterers in Greek who can beleive anything that he wishes to beleives. When the wish is father to the thought, correct exegesis is like water on a duck’s back.”

M. D. Clubb and H. Leo Boles, Discussion, Is Instrumental Music in Christian Worship Scriptural? Nashville: Gospel Advocate Company, 1927, pages 104-105.

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