M. D. Clubb remembers J. W. McGarvey, part 3

Eighth Affirmative

To sum up, Brother Boles has given twenty-eight commentaries, and what do we find?  Ten of them are neutral–that is, in the comments quoted, they have nothing to say one way or the other.  Only six definitely support the negative.  they are: Adam Clarke, Dr. Whedon, John Calvin, Moses E. Lard, J. W. McGarvey, and Robert Milligan.  I give Lard, not because he says anything against instrumental music, in the passage quoted, but because he was opposed to it, as I freely concede.

M. D. Clubb and H. Leo Boles, Discussion, Is Instrumental Music in Christian Worship Scriptural? Nashville: Gospel Advocate Company, 1927, page 111.

Not much here as they have moved away from arguing over McGarvey and are settling in on closing out the discussion.  Boles will not engage Clubb about McGarvey again; Clubb will mention JWM once more.

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