Campbell-Rice Debate on Google Books

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Claude Spencer, that bibliographer extraordinaire and lover of all things Stone-Campbell, identifies the true first printing of the first edition of the debate in his monumental Author Catalog of the Disciples of Christ.  He gives the basic bibliographic information about the book as shown above, but with this list of publishers:

Lexington, A. T. Skillman & son; Cincinnati, Wright and Swormstedt, J. A. James; Louisville, D. S. Burnett; N. York, R. Carter; Pittsburgh, Thomas Carter, 1844.

and this note:

First printing with error trine immersion 7th line from bottom of page 258.

Spencer’s second entry is the same as the first but with these as publishers:

Lexington, A. T. Skillman & son; Cincinnati, J. A. James; Louisville, D. S. Burnett; New York, R. Carter; Pittsburg, T. Carter, 1844.

His third entry is for the Standard Publishing facsimile edition of 1917, again with the same information above with this for the publisher:

facsimile edition. Cincinnati, Standard, 1917.

and this note

“An exact reproduction, made by a new process developed and perfected by The Standard publishing company of Cincinnati, O., of the original edition of this book, published in 1844 by A. T. Skillman & son, Lexington, Ky.” Does not have error on page 258.

Finally, Spencer knows of one other “edition” of the Campbell-Rice debate.  Here is his entry:

Campbell-Rice debate on the holy spirit.  being the fifth proposition in the great debate on “baptism”, “holy spirit”, and “creeds”.  Held in Lexington, Kentucky, beginning November 15, 1843 and continuing eighteen days.  Cincinnati, F. L. Rowe, 1901. 309p.

I have edition in quotes above because the Rowe issue isn’t strictly speaking an edition, it is an excerpt.  but that is another post for another day.  The fifth proposition, beginning on page 611, reads:

Now, is the item digitized by Google Books the true first issue? It doesn’t appear so from what we see on the title page above.  Let us turn to page 258, 7th line from the bottom…

Nope…second printing at least.  I suspect Claude would have loved Google Books.  Check your shelves and see what you can find on p. 258.  If you have an 1844 book, you just might have a true first printing!


3 thoughts on “Campbell-Rice Debate on Google Books

  1. I have an 1844 edition of this debate. The sentence in question (on page 258) reads: “Not only Mosheim, Neander, but all the historians, as well as professor Stuart, trace trine immersion to the times of the apostles.” This copy was published by A. T. Skillman & Son. What is unusual is that it has its original binding and it is a cloth binding.

    All the best,


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