Goodbye Charlotte Avenue?…goodbye Charlotte Avenue.

I went by this morning and met a gentleman who was waiting for his supervisor to arrive so they could begin removing the windows.  He told me the windows in the sanctuary were made on-site (as in the glass was poured on-site by a craftsman who then installed the windows).  The windows will be saved and installed in the new building of the Charlotte Heights Church.  We chatted a few minutes and the supervisor arrived.  He told me that he couldn’t let me in to take photos…”too many demolition hazards.”  So, they are working now.  When they are through we’ll likely see the big machinery take the building down.  I’ll try to get back by later this week… For photos of the building as it appeared on 1 February 2010, see this earlier post.  For an article in the Tennessean from earlier this week, click here.


One thought on “Goodbye Charlotte Avenue?…goodbye Charlotte Avenue.

  1. Another heartbreaking and irreplaceable loss to the architectural and religious history of Nashville. Yes, the “church” is the people, not a building. But thank goodness the Egyptian-revival Downtown Presbyterian Church has survived as well as St. Mary’s Catholic Church downtown. If the city leaders had their way, they’d all be turned into profitable Walgreens and Home Depots. I’m just grateful that the French Quarter is in New Orleans instead of Nashville. Heaven forbid our city fathers or Gaylord should get hold of it. Thanks for your time and energy keeping us all informed.

    Danny Proctor
    Nashville native

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