Salvation from Sin reviewed in Christian Standard, 1913



Such is the title of a book just from the press of the McQuiddy Printing Co., Nashville, Tenn.  It is composed of selections from the writings of David Lipscomb, and edited by J. W. Shepherd.  I hesitate not to say that this is one of the greatest books that has been published in the last ten years.  In saying this I do not mean to endorse all of its contents, for I think that the author misapplies some of his principles and misinterprets some Scriptures, but these are the rare exceptions.  The chapter on the Bible is exceptionally good, and is well worth the price of the book;  I have been a pretty close student of the blessed Book for about fifty years, but Bro. Lipscomb’s treatment of the subject has given me a better conception and a higher appreciation of it than I ever had before.  He points out with remarkable clearness and force the effect that the Bible has had upon the world’s civilization, and shows that even the material interests of men have been greatly enhanced through the influence of this Book.    The volume contains nineteen chapters of well-digested matter, and the whole book gives evidence of great care in its preparation for the press.  It gives evidence of wide and close study on the part of the author, and I can heartily commend it to the reading public.  Price, $1.50 per copy.

J. B. Briney.



“Our Reading Table,” Christian Standard, May 10, 1913, p. 769.

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