Lean on virtue’s side: An early-morning reflection on Alexander Campbell

Good morning, an early morning reflection…

The quote above is from pages 440-441 of Silena Huntington Campbell’s book Home Life and Reminiscences of Alexander Campbell. She is reflecting on her husband’s (Alexander Campbell) personality and disposition and she has some rather wonderful things to say.  Look at him…consistent, calm, just.  She paints a flattering portrait.

At the same time, (irony or ironies) Alexander no doubt was correct and just in his estimation of her….that she could not see his faults.  I doubt he was always just and he wasn’t always consistent…he wasn’t, you aren’t and I’m not.  But her statement is significant nonetheless.

Hagiographical as it may be…no doubt he failed in life to live up to her memories of him…her description of him is a fine starting place for anyone interested in civil, respectful and charitable discourse.  If his own wife is to be trusted, Alexander Campbell is a worthy model of a Christian who valued consistency and the integration in his own daily life the truth of what he said he believed with what he actually did.

I hope your day is characterized by fairness and justice, consistency and integrity, and if it isn’t I hope your conduct will mirror the best of what Alexander Campbell tried to do and be and that in so doing you will bring these values to the injustice, irrationality, inconsistency and bankruptcy of your situation.

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