Reading up on rebaptism

Shortly I intend to read up on the rebaptism issue among conservative Disciples especially as it relates to David Lipscomb.  While I will be able to access Gospel Advocate on microfilm, I do not aim to thoroughly sift primary sources.  Rather I seek representative primary sources and introductory secondary sources, especially footnoted critical studies or surveys.  If you have any leads, please comment.  I intend to post to this blog a bibliography and summaries of what I find.

I realize that some months ago I began a summary interaction (which remains incomplete) with Samjung  Kang-Hamilton’s article, about Alexander Campbell and the education of children, in Restoration Quarterly.  My copy of her article is somewhere, I am sure.  But where…what stack…which box…is anybody’s guess.  I have confidence that I can excavate it. 

For the months of November-December I taught some on Stone-Campbell history on Sunday mornings at Owen Chapel Church of Christ in Brentwood, TN.  Along the way I have compiled for each session what I believe to be helpful bibliographies.  I will type those up and post them here.  Perhaps as I post them I will be inspired to reflect some about what and how I taught.  I invite comments and suggestions as that unfolds.

2 thoughts on “Reading up on rebaptism

  1. You probably know about this one already, but there’s a pretty good article on the rebaptism issue by Jerry Gross in David W. Fletcher, ed. *Baptism and the Remission of Sins: An Historical Perspective* (Joplin, MO: College Press, 1990), 297-332.

  2. One of my professors at Harding University, Jimmy Allen, wrote a book about rebaptism and spoke on the topic from time to time. Still a contentious issue in some segments of the a cappella churches, and elsewhere.

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