eScriptorium 2010 in review

The stats for 2010 are as follows:

Total views: 8184 (2009 was 8030)

Top three referrers: 154 135 79

Top 3 posts:

Understanding Non-Institutional Churches of Christ: Some Suggestions for First Reads: 1201
Goodbye Charlotte Avenue?: 253
Helpful Lectio Divina quotes: 247

Top 3 search terms:

lectio divina: 79
non-institutional Churches of Christ: 43
Gospel Advocate archives: 34

I remain amazed at the international traffic; I’ve had visitors from these countries since October 2010:

United States (US) 483
United Kingdom (GB) 15
Canada (CA) 12
India (IN) 5
Philippines (PH) 5
Brazil (BR) 4
France (FR) 2
Romania (RO) 2
Spain (ES) 2
Pakistan (PK) 2
Korea, Republic of (KR) 2
Guatemala (GT) 2
Indonesia (ID) 2
Ireland (IE) 1
Russian Federation (RU) 1
Germany (DE) 1
Austria (AT) 1
Japan (JP) 1
Switzerland (CH) 1
Bahamas (BS) 1
Thailand (TH) 1
Malaysia (MY) 1
Australia (AU) 1
Chile (CL) 1
Jamaica (JM) 1
United Arab Emirates (AE) 1
Egypt (EG) 1
New Zealand (NZ) 1
Taiwan (TW) 1
Saudi Arabia (SA) 1
Malta (MT) 1

I am disappointed that the Holy See (Vatican City) hasn’t checked in yet this year. The Pope evidently got all he needed on his one visit last year. But I understand… when you’re the Pope, you’re a busy man.

I have in 2010, as the blog reflects, looked into Stone-Campbell materials on Google Books. There is much here that has not been previously available elsewhere on the web, a few things not otherwise easily available in hard copy, and some of it just plain hard to get anywhere.  In this way Google has opened a new vista for research-from-your-desktop.  I haven’t blogged about the fine material on Hans Rollmann’s RM pages, though some of it is now available through Google Books in PDF. Hans’ pages and Scott Harp’s pages remain very useful; Google’s advantage comes because of the bulk of the material they are scanning (for example…tons of material from Harvard Divinity Library).  By casting a wide net, they catch some interesting fish once in a while.  But, Hans and Scott have items that Google doesn’t (and might not have for some time yet).  Google’s approach likely serves the majority of the information needs of a broad slice of the researching public, but there is a ton of Stone-Campbell material that isn’t online.  A ton.  All that to say…be careful about drawing conclusions based on research done from your desktop via Google Books.  But I digress.

In 2010, I suppose due to the several items I posted by or about him, my references to John William McGarvey earned me a spot on the ‘external links’ section of his Wikipedia article.  I have a few more similar things I’d like to post (specifically McGarvey items) not to mention the files upon files of CEW Dorris, JW Shepherd and “Nashville” stuff.  If this blog is quiet is isn’t for lack of material, just time to digest it and post it.  I intended to post an average of 5 posts per week for 2010.  I probably acheived that one week. 

Total hits for eScriptorium stand at just over 19,600…which far, far exceeds anything I would have ever expected, especially since, again this year, just like last year, I didn’t mention anything on the blog that would generate hits for reasons political, entertainment or otherwise scandalous. Its mainly me rambling about Restoration movement books. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…:)

But, the point is that I enjoy tinkering around with this little blog and it generates some good conversation once in a while.  Though the comments haven’t lit up like they do on other blogs, I have had several emails and have very much enjoyed those conversations. 

I think this blog justifies the little time I spend with it and retains its potential for neat things in the coming year.  Though we may be few in number, there are a few of us interested in old Restoration Movement stuff.  Wonder what 2011 holds, friends? Whatever it holds for you, my wish for you grace and peace.


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