Be on the lookout, or My Nashville research resumes!

I have, after a long, long absence from the blogosphere, returned to my research on the Restoration Movement in Nashville.

Not too long ago I spent an afternoon at TSLA.  From that afternoon of work I have a short list of names of evangelists who held forth from Christian Churches or Churches of Christ in Nashville from the later 1850’s to the later 1950’s.  These men are listed in city records as ‘pastor’ or ‘minister’ for Stone-Campbell congregations.  With an exception or four, nearly every one of them is only a name.  I know nothing else about them.  I post the list here in hopes that someone doing genealogical research online will stumble upon it.  If you have any information at all about anyone on this list, please contact me at   icekm [at] aol [dot] com.  Some of the names below are among Christian Churches (instrumental and pro-society) and some are Church of Christ (acapella and non-society).  Before about the 1890’s these distinctions do not hold much sway as the division was in process. Racial division was more pronounced, though, and had been since the war.

Lytton Alley
Alex H. Anthony
Joseph D. Armstead
George R. Bethurum
Roy H. Biser
R. V. Cawthon
C. C. Cline
M. S. Combs, Jr.
E. L. Crouch (may be L. E. Crouch)
M. S. Davis
A. S. Derryberry
W. E. Ellis
J. W. Hardy
F. E. Harlow
C. E. Holt
L. M. Jackson
Henry T. King
J. T. McKissack
T. B. Moody
W. S. Moody
Henry Owen (may be Owen Henry)
H. L. Patterson
Jesse F. Pendleton
Philip Y. Pendleton
Samuel P. Poag
Joseph E. Pritchett
August Ramage (possibly Pamage, but I doubt it)
Z. H. Rose
W. J. Shelburne
S. M. Spears
H. M. Stansifer
James E. Stewart (may be James E. Stuart)
J. J. Walker
B. A. Wilder
The men below are pastors or ministers of African-American congregations.  The black Stone-Campbell congregations in Nashville are Second Christian Church (also referred to as Colored Christian Church), Lea Avenue Christian Church (also [mis]spelled Lee Avenue Christian Church) and Gay Street Christian Church.  Jackson Street Church of Christ, Willow Street Church of Christ and Jefferson Street Church of Christ are also on the scene.
G. Calvin Campbell
G. W. Crosthwait
W. A. Emmerson
William Granberry
T. Hardison
Monroe Jackson
D. M. Keeble
A. J. Lawrence
W. P. Martin
Edwin Perkins (may be Edward Perkins)
Fred J. Smith
John R. Smith
This is by no means an exhaustive list, rather it is the list of my deepest ignorance, so to speak.  I don’t know anything about these folks…I just a few weeks ago learned their names!  So, be on the lookout and stay tuned for further finds as I get back into it.  Remember, save the paper!

7 thoughts on “Be on the lookout, or My Nashville research resumes!

  1. It is grand to see you at work once again on studies we love. i shall look for these names and see what i can find, as i have time and opportunity.

    God’s Peace to you.


  2. James Joseph Walker, an “instrumentalist,” debated S. H. Hall at Montgomery, Alabama, in June, 1923. (See Scott Harp’s web site for more details.) He also debated G. C. Brewer at Columbia, Tennessee, in March, 1925 (Forty Years on the Firing Line, pages 28 – 33). He was related to N. L. Walker. No dates for his birth or death yet, but he is in my “name authority.”

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