Seventeenth Street Christian Church

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Seventeenth Street Church is in East Nashville…17 blocks east of the river to be exact…and quite close to Shelby Park.  The building is about 2 blocks north of where Shelby Avenue Church of Christ met.  Organized in 1896, the congregation first met in a white frame building of which I cannot find any photograph.  Micah Stirling Combs was the first minister, serving around 1898.  This brick building was built in 1908-1909 when J. T. McKissick was minister; additional classroom space came in 1950 (notice the boxy addition to the rear).  Its membership in the middle 1950’s was about 350.  The congregation relocated to Madison in the later 1960’s and is now known as Madison Christian Church.  Madison is one of a handful of Independent Christian Churches in Nashville (Madison, Lakeshore and Aspen Grove, which was formerly First Christian).  There were a couple others, but in Nashville and the Middle TN area they are few and far between.  In East Nashville, Seventeenth Street, as an Independent-leaning congregation, sort of fell between the Disciples-leaning Eastwood Christian Church (result of a merger between Eastland and Woodland Street Christian Churches) and the dozen acapella congregations.  Those dozen or more acapella congregations were not all of the same mind, either.  Furthermore, there aren’t a dozen acapella congregations in East Nashville anymore, but perhaps more on that later.


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