John L. Rainey at Boscobel Street and Reid Avenue

John L. Rainey preached last Lord’s Day at Boscobel Street Church, Nashville.  There were two baptized and one restored.  Brother Rainey preached the previous Sunday at Reid Avenue to large crowds.

E. Gaston Collins, “News and Notes” Gospel Advocate April 6, 1933, p. 333.

4 thoughts on “John L. Rainey at Boscobel Street and Reid Avenue

  1. I remember a John L. Rainey who resided across the Granny White Pike from David Lipscomb College when I was growing up. I attended Lischey Avenue church of Christ and remembered that he was one of the preachers who preached for us there about once a month. I believe he taught Bible for a number of years at David Lipscomb College as well. I remember he drove an old Model T Ford. This would have been in the 1940’s.
    Clara (Farrell) Brooks

    • Thanks you Clara; yes Rainey taught at DLC for several years: Bible, Greek and Latin, and maybe other subjects. A great-grandson of his lived next door to me in the dorm at Lipscomb for a year. We lost touch over the years. I will look into Rainey’s life and ministry and see what I can find. What do you remember about his preaching? Recordings exist of Sam Pittman’s preaching: oratorical and polished. How did Rainey compare in terms of his speaking style?

  2. John L. Rainey taught at Lipscomb High School in the latter part of his career, in the 1950s and perhaps earlier as well. He taught Greek and Bible there, and I suspect that at that time Lipscomb High School was the only high school in Davidson County where Greek was offered. I believe he also taught Latin.

    He loved on Granny White Pike across the street Lipscomb. For many years, his house had an outdoor “facility,” and it was not uncommon for some of the mischievous high school boys to push it over on Halloween. As far as I know, he was never inside when this was done.

    Rainey was very fond of cabbage and often extolled its virtues. He had a custom of addressing his students as “Scholar,” perhaps thereby avoiding the need to recall every name of every student.

    He was very highly thought of as a teacher and as a fine Christian gentleman.

    • Thanks Hoss! (I love that handle)

      I will have to dig a little and see what I can find about him. I will post my findings here. Additional memories about him or other Lipscomb folk are welcome.

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