The Meeting at Carroll Street Church

Gospel Advocate, May 19, 1904, p. 315


2 thoughts on “The Meeting at Carroll Street Church

  1. “…it shall become poor, naked and blind” What a great, but sad, statement of a congregation that strays from the missional aspect of the church. Thanks for sharing!

    • Indeed; Carroll Street was itself a mission from South College Street. Other missions from So. College were Reid Avenue, Grandview Heights and Green Street. Wingate was formed from/by Grandview members. Carroll Street no longer exists (the church and the street). Carroll Street church joined So. College when they moved into a new building (new for them) at 3rd and Lindsley and took the new name Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ. Carroll Street met its demise as a result of urban expansion and the interstate loop around Nashville. It ran about where the southern interstate loop (40/65) runs…from Lindsley Avenue church at Lafayette towards the river. Carroll Street church was at the end of the street near the river, where Carroll Street met Wharf. My attempts to locate a photograph of the Carroll Street church building has thus far been unsuccessful. But, yes, you are correct, they were missional.

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