Books for Sale At This Office

I find the comments about Campbell’s book on baptism enlightening: “The best work of A. Campbell and the most thorough investigation of the subject extant.” This is a significant evaluation.  I can only surmise that it represents Lipscomb and Sewell’s estimation of Campbell’s work.

I would love to find bound volumes of the 1866 Advocate for $3.00 apiece.

The Whartons in 1873 are members at Church Street Christian Church in Nashville, as is Mr. Dortch of Second National Bank.

Gospel Advocate, March 20, 1873, back cover.

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    • I know that TSLA holds a book of his sketches of Nashville buildings from the 1850’s. They are available online at the TSLA digital collections database. I do not know any more than that. Among them is a sketch of Ferguson’s church, the only drawing of the building I know of.

  1. Seven Early Churches of Nashville, compiled by Elders Bookstore,1972, contains an essay on “A History of Vine Street Christian Church” by Dr. Wayne H. Bell. Page 87 says…The first Sunday School was organized in 1831 with W.A. Eichbaum as superintendent, serving in that position for twenty years.” Wharton is also mentioned.
    Herman Norton’s Tennessee Christians mentions John Eichbaum on three occasions, likely J.D., above.
    Hazard of the Die by James Wilburn mentioned the younger Eichbaum as a follower of Ferguson.

    I have a postcard that the Nashville Room of the Public Library put out a few years ago as a promo piece that shows W.A. Eichbaum’s 1804 sketch of the city of Nashville, detailing the few buildings, owners, locations of springs, etc.

    The back carries a tiny photo (carte de vista) of Eichbaum and says William A. Eichbaum (1787-1873) Nashville resident and bookseller for 50 years, used the childhood recollections of Harriet R. Temple as his source in 1857, when he drew this map showing the frontier town of Nashville in 1804. This map is included in a bound sketchbook that includes 25 of Mr. Eichbaum’s drawings.

    The original sketch book must be held at the Nashville Room of the Public Library for them to have printed this card showing the sketch in the sketchbook? But, as Mac suggests maybe it is held by TSLA?

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