Preaching on the Titanic Disaster

By late April 1912 the reality of Titanic’s sinking set in and Kromer C. Ice had time to reflect.  He prepared his thoughts and held forth in the Sunday evening service, April 29, at the Christian Church in McMechen, West Virginia.  McMechen is a river town, tucked between a hilly ridge to the east and the Ohio River on the west, just south of Wheeling.  In April 1912 K. C. Ice was about half-way through his second stint as McMechen’s minister.  He preached there from July 1907 to May 1908; returning in December 1911, he left in July 1912.  I have a few of his manuscript sermons from the second McMechen ministry; I do not have the Titanic sermon. I wonder what went through his mind for two full weeks, 14 to 29 of April, 1912. I wonder what he said.  Preaching to people he knew, trying to speak a word about unspeakable tragedy…I wonder how he wrestled and, after ascending the pulpit stairs, what he said.

McMechen church as it appeared during K. C. Ice’s ministry; an envelope:

Dr. K. C. and Rosa B. Ice, 1908. They were married in November 1908 not long after the conclusion of his first stint preaching at McMechen. By the time of their return in 1911 they had a two year old son, McGarvey.

McGarvey Charles Ice, born 5 October 1909 at Bethany, WV. Age in this photo about 2 years?

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