3 thoughts on “Octographic Review editorial staff, 22 August 1911

  1. Interesting. Maybe you already know this, but Truth Bookstore keeps Zerr’s commentary on the entire Bible in print. I think you can get it in paperback now.

    • I know that GoT reprinted it sometimen the 80’s???, but did not know it is still in print. Zerr has proven an enduring commentator. Do you know how he has come to be kept in print by NI? Is it his exegesis? Is it in the Sommerite connection in a historic way rather than/or in addition to exegetical positions? Both, neither, third option? I confess I do not much about him and have only consulted his comments occasionally and for other research projects.

  2. Several remarkable persons occupy this masthead, but one of them we might overlook, because of that “Mrs.” before her name. We shall do well to notice her. Daniel Sommer (1850-1940) and Alvin Marion Morris (1861-1940) are the justly famous “Editors” of the Review in this period, but A M Morris is based in Winfield, Kansas, and Daniel Sommer is on the road more often than he is at home. Katharine Way Sommer (1850-1924) is the Publisher of the Review in every sense, and she is the person who, in fact, edits every issue and gets it out every week. Had she not done her work, making editorial decisions, we should have none of it. She is ably assisted through the years by her daughter, Bessie Kate Sommer (1880-1975), and her son, Chester Way Sommer (1875-1950), who continue the work when their mother dies in 1924. Daniel Austen (“D. A.”) Sommer is, by 1926, editing his own periodical, The Macedonian Call, in eventual, vehement opposition to his parents and siblings.

    Edward Michael Zerr (1877-1960), a lifelong resident of New Castle, Indiana, distinguished himself by assaying to write a commentary on every book of the Bible, verse by verse — a monumental undertaking to which few have aspired and fewer have completed. It is celebrated and reprinted, i think, for that achievement alone.

    God’s Peace to you.


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