Eleventh Street Church of Christ, East Nashville

October 2008 upon their 100th Anniversary Homecoming.  Laura, the girls and I attended that service and were warmly welcomed; we talked at some length with then-minister Joe Tomlinson.  Might anyone have a photograph of their earlier building?

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One thought on “Eleventh Street Church of Christ, East Nashville

  1. I visited Eleventh Street in the late 70’s or early 80’s to hear Willard Collins preach in their Gospel Meeting. I will never forget his sermon and his inimitable style. Surprisingly now looking back he referred to his rural upbringing and compared it to many of their backgrounds. I suppose a number of them had moved to East Nashville from small towns and rural areas. He preached on the second coming of Jesus from 2 Peter 3 which speaks of the elements burning. He based his appeal on that image beginning with “Imagine that you are standing with Ruth and I on the steps of the Granny White church building where we have been members since 195?.” He proceeded to guide us through this virtual tour of the end of the world recounting all of the things that were melting including the air planes and the banks. He eventually circled back to the banks providing a quiet moment of humour for me knowing how important fundraising was for his job at Lipscomb. Not long before this there had been a terrible tragedy in Tampa in which a number of cars had plunged into the bay there due to part of the bridge having collapsed. He masterfully wove this into his extended invitation having us picture him trying to flag us down and keep us from continuing in a life direction that would plunge us into inescapable tragedy. It was a glorious sermon! It was from what is now a bygone era but I could clearly see why he was often referred to as the prince of preachers in Churches of Christ. That is my memory of Eleventh Street Church of Christ.

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