Forty-Ninth Avenue Church of Christ, Nashville, TN

Established in 1961…this is all I know about this congregation.  Can anyone provide any history about 49th Ave Church.  It is just northwest of the (former) location of Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ.  It is north of I-40 and 3 blocks west of 46th Avenue at the corner of 49th and Illinois Avenues.

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4 thoughts on “Forty-Ninth Avenue Church of Christ, Nashville, TN

  1. I preached there short term in 1985 when attending Lipsomb. I am surprised they are still in existence, as the leadership was some of the weakest spiritually and some of the least knowledgeable I have ever encountered.

  2. There was once a very conservative 48th Avenue congregation. I believe they used one cup, and did not have Sunday School. Membership was around 30, I think. When the Interstate Highway system moved through their property was lost, and I think they opened the church at 49th and Illinois. I could be wrong, though.

    There was also a conservative group that was called the 25th Avenue Church of Christ. This congregation was located in the Osage Ave./Buchanan St. neighborhood, as I recall. It was a white congregation, and due to the change in the neighborhood I understood that they moved the building, but I do not know where. I used to attend on Wednesday evenings in the summertime with Granville Cullom and my friend, his grandson, up through about 1958.

  3. Brother Ice: This is Joe Tomlinson. Formerly with Eleventh St. Church, now at Natchez Trace.
    Greetings in the blessed Lord to you and Kromer, your dad. I will be delivering sermon at
    49th church on Sunday March 20 at 10 a.m. Buzzy Neil (Brentwood Hills) has also spoke to this
    assembly. My contact is . John Buchanan, who was baptized by Bob Neil. Peace, Joy Joe T.

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