Church of Christ, 202 Chilton Street, Nashville, TN

Chilton Street is in south Nashville east of Nolensville Road.  Look for it just south of the Antioch Pike/McCllelan Avenue intersections at Nolensville in the Glencliff neighborhood.  202 Chilton Street looks like a private residence converted to accomodate worship; perhaps such accomodations were fashioned by the Church of Christ which met there at least from 1971 to 1984.  On 1 March 1971 Myrtle Reece Cole, for the sum of ten dollars, deeded Lot. 27 of Nolen Heights subdivision to M. F. Doss, O. R. Slate and Douglas McWhorter, trustees of the Chilton Street Church of Christ. On 21 December 1984 the property was sold for $35,000 to Nashville Southside Church of Bible Covenant.  On 7 July 2000 Ann Meeks, for the sum of ten dollars, deeded 202 Chilton Street to True House of Praise Church of God in Christ.

Whence the Church of Christ at 202 Chilton Street?  A stone’s throw northwest is Radnor Church of Christ which sits only a block or two across Nolensville Road at its intersection with McClellan.  Not too far northeast is Wingate Church of Christ.  Were Messrs. Doss, Slate and McWhorter earlier members at one of these congregations?  They are Trustees of 202 Chilton Street; are they also Elders of the congregation which worshipped in that enlarged living room?  And what of them by New Year’s Day 1985?  In the 1987-1988 edition of Where the Saints Meet the Church of Christ at 202 Chilton Street is listed as having 25 members and is classified as ME (i.e. Mutual Edification, or “oppose using one preacher to present most of the sermons; generally oppose institutions”).  This congregation is not listed inChurches of Christ in the United States (1991).  However, that edition lists, for the first time, an ME congregation at 1221 Brick Church Pike in North Nashville consisting of ten members established in 1953.  Is this the same congregation as met on Chilton Street, only by now in a new location?  A different congregation altogether?  None of the above?

It has been twenty-five years now and I wonder who remains that remembers Chilton Street Church of Christ and the shape of its ministry in its community.  In this post I have raised only a few basic questions…I have no answers, yet.

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7 thoughts on “Church of Christ, 202 Chilton Street, Nashville, TN

  1. My father, mother and I attended Chilton St. until shortly after my father’s death in 1983.
    Chilton St. was one of the two factions of Longview & Kline Aves. C of C. which property was taken by the I-440 highway project.

  2. The Brick Church Pk. congregation merged with the Richland Creek C of C, 608 Snyder Ave
    Nashville, Tennessee 37209-1833
    Phone: (615) 242-3912

  3. As of July 11, 2011 (google street view) the former BC Pk. C of C property was occupied by Grace United MB Church, 1221 Brick Church Pike, Nashville, TN ‎

  4. OR Slate died. I think he had been an elder of Longview & Kline until the other elders dies. Since the Bible says “elders,” I think he resigned.
    All of the trustees are long dead. As far as I know I am the sole surviving former member of Chilton St. C of C..

  5. The “other faction” of the Longview church built a new building at 107 Lyle Lane, 37210. This property is now the Nashville Chinese Baptist Church and Nashville Baptist Association.

  6. To the best of my recollection we met in one of the sisters’ house at 2300 Cruzen Street, one block west of where the Longview building was (at 2300 Kline Avenue) where Tibbetts Electrical Services is now.
    A Black ME CoC was somewhere in the Woodbine-Radnor area. I never went there and never knew where their building was. All I recall is that on rare occasions one of their speakers would deliver a presentation at Longview. They would bring their “amen corner” with them.

  7. There are a number of former members of the Longview and Lyle Lane CoCs in the Nashville area. Some of the Craig Hughes family attended Tusculum Church of Christ, 6117 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211, 25 years ago the last I knew.

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