F. L. Rowe, Cincinnati Publisher

Two items from the 19 December 1911 edition of The Christian Leader and The Way.  The first is an ad for a new-to-me book: Etiquette and Hell.  Of my several research interests one constant is bibliography, specifically exhaustive lists of the publications of McQuiddy Printing/Gospel Advocate Publishing Company and F. L. Rowe/Christian Leader Corp.  Though I’ve paid more attention to McQuiddy and GA than Rowe, I have not pursued either systematically.  In any case this ad gives me a new entry for my list!

Next is a nice list of Rowe’s publications.  Special offer lists like these are a window into publishing, marketing and doctrine.  Look here to see what Rowe publishes and how he incentivizes subscriptions with books and bibles and tracts.  If you subscribe to a church paper you are already a reader; so why not add a book or two to your reading table alongside the Leader and Way?  Look here to see what Fred Rowe thinks should be on his reader’s tables.


1 thought on “F. L. Rowe, Cincinnati Publisher

  1. i am pleased to report that William J Taylor’s Etiquette and Hell, or The Majesty of Truth: A Dialogue (Cincinnati: F L Rowe, 1907) 109pp, is currently catalogued in four American libraries: Christian Theological Seminary, Florida College, Furman University, and Abilene Christian University. The copy at CTS is elegantly casebound from the publisher, and includes a fine portrait of the author, well and thoroughly bearded, who is otherwise unknown to me.

    God’s Peace to you.


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