Hal McDonald’s New Testament Church Newsletter

Hal P. McDonald, New Testament Church Newsletter, pages 1,4


Hal P. McDonald, New Testament Church Newsletter, pages 2, 3


9 thoughts on “Hal McDonald’s New Testament Church Newsletter

  1. This wonderful document appears — despite its title — to be a missionary pamphlet rather than a periodical. i don’t see it catalogued anywhere, but i know that you will see to its preservation! Do you have any idea of its date?

    Hallie Peyton McDonald is born on 13 March 1879 in Bell County, Texas. He is baptized by Caleb W Sewell (1852-1927) in 1893. By 1911 he is included in Gospel Preachers Who Blazed the Trail. In the 1913 “Preachers List” he is in Washita, Texas; in 1922 he is in Oakman, Alabama; by 1931 he is Birmingham, Alabama. To find Brother McDonald evangelizing in Pittsburgh, so far from his roots, with a “permanent address” in Mobeetie, Texas, is quite remarkable. In the nineteenth century, Mobeetie, in the upper reaches of the Panhandle, was a fairly wild, wide-open town. [William Barclay (“Bat”) Masterson was wounded in his first gunfight, killing his assailant, in Mobeetie.] We should think that Brother McDonald’s missionary journey into the North, as far as Pennsylvania, would have been an eye-opening adventure for him and for all whom he encountered.

    God’s Peace to you.


    • Don I have no idea of its date, but 1900-1915 perhaps? The only time I know KC Ice was in Pittsburgh was for the 1909 Centennial, and that for a few days. He lived, though, in Bethany on two occasions and in the northern WV environs for a few years, so it could have been any time in the 1900-1915 window. The info you provide is helpful; I will look him up in Blazed. If Chris Cotten is listening, maybe he has seen or heard of him in the Birmingham area 1930’s?

  2. I actually did not know he was still in Birmingham in the 30s. Thanks for the information.

    HPM may be best known, in my sources, as the president of Alabama Christian College in Berry, Ala. JTL seems to have had a hand in the founding of the school in 1912. McDonald was the school’s last president, serving from 1916-1922.

    Here’s a snippet from McDonald’s pen in the May 17, 1917 issue of the Gospel Advocate (pg. 481):

    From Hal P. McDonald, Berry, Ala., May 3: “Please say in the Gospel Advocate that I would like to see the brethren who from faith and practice stand aloof from politics and who are as Christians opposed to carnal warfare immediately present proper petitions to the government for exemption from military service. In my judgment, the present war crisis will bring out the immeasurable work for good of David Lipscomb in his efforts to show the divinely ordained position of Christians to human governments. It is sad to know that Christians, professionally so, have to be so sternly reminded before they seek to do their full duty. Until something better is offered, Alabama Christian College will be glad to receive, typewrite, and forward all lists from congregations or individuals that seek to present with us such a petition. Those sending should write names plainly with ink, give names of elders, and include stamp.”

  3. Mac This is Wayne Kilpatrick and you know me from the Historical Society.
    I have been studying H.P. McDonald and his North Alabama connection, I am wondering about the Pennsylvania trip, myself He was a Texas oilman and had the money, perhaps to travel anywhere he chose; but Pennsylvania is odd for him, unless he may have been there because of his oil connections. Be fore leaving Fayette County, Alabama, he built a College and called it the “Temple of Knowledge” it was a failure. After that he left Fayette County. I have a picture of the old structure and several pictures of him in various life situations.

    • Thanks for the further information Wayne. I knew nothing of him (admittedly I did not go looking) when I scanned the item. I thought it an nice looking leaflet to put out there for whomever might be interested. It strikes me as a handout or promotional item for a gospel meeting.

  4. Bro. Kilpatrick, does memory serve me correctly that Gus Nichols attended this school at Berry? I would love to see the pictures.

  5. Reblogged this on Anastasis and commented:
    Via Mac Ice. Hal McDonald was an early coworker of John T. Lewis in North Alabama and the last president of Alabama Christian College at Berry, AL, from 1916-1922.

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