Today in Restoration History: 4 September 1842

Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 4, 1842.

Bro Aden:–There is much interest here upon the subject of religion.  There was eight added to our church to-day who were immeresed, & several to be immersed to morrow; besides, they are coming in daily.

Our bro. Wharton, who is living here is able to compete with our oppenents anywhere, provided they will keep within the limits of the Bible, for out of it he says nothing, as he remarked to-day.  With he Bible we are everything we could wish, and without it, we are nothing.  As ever your bro., J. T. BROWN.

“Progress of the Gospel, News &c.” Bible Advocate 1:3 (October 1842), 46.

Aden is S. B. Aden, who with Gist and Howard, publish The Bible Advocate from Paris, Tennessee.  Wharton is W. H. Wharton, who was one of the teachers of the Nashville church who also travelled around Middle TN with Tolbert Fanning and did considerable preaching.  There were several Wharton’s in the Nashville church through the end of the 19th century; I have not yet sorted them all out.

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