Cookeville Collegiate Institute

Newsprint photograph of the Cookeville (TN) Collegiate Institute, undated, about 6in sq.  This has nothing to do with anything I blog about…just a flyaway in one of my books.  I’ve scanned many items in the past several weeks; some of the them have already been posted to this blog and the rest are forthcoming.  Cookeville Collegiate Institute was in the flyaway stack with a couple dozen assorted postcards and a few old coupons, bookmarks, and more.  I post it here because I think it is a neat little item.  Hopefully someone looking for an image of the old place will find in it just what they need.  Whence and whither for this little photograph…well, your guess is as good as mine.  Moral of the story: check your books for flyaways.  You might find somethig really neat, or random, or both, or neither.  I’ve checked every book I own but haven’t found any folding money.


One thought on “Cookeville Collegiate Institute

  1. We might assume that the previous owner of the book in which you found this clipping preserved it for a reason, and the identity of that person might provide a clue to the “whence and whither.” Of course, it is also possible that it was in the book because someone needed a convenient bookmark . . . and then it was forgotten until you recovered it and brought it to light again. Brown as it is, it won’t last long in the light.

    When i have found such clippings and documents in books, usually they are related in some way to the subject or author of the book and the interests of the person who placed them there. When that is not immediately obvious, then we have an “accident of history,” until, by chance or grace, we learn something more.

    God’s Peace to you.


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