Lord’s Day Meetings: A Quote Without Comment from Benjamin Franklin

J. A. Headington and Joseph Franklin. A Book of Gems, or Choice Selections from the Writings of Benjamin Franklin. St. Louis: John Burns, 1879, p. 270:

Churches should not be compelled to hear preaching every Lord’s day, and that the dullest and dryest kind, from the same man, the same thing, over and over again; but instead of this, have a variety of good songs; sundry readings of interesting Scriptures, from different persons, each occupying from five to ten minutes, with two or three prayers at suitable intervals, and words of exhortation.  The overseer who can so conduct these matters as to interest the whole congregation, develop and bring out the most talent, and make the whole most conducive to the edification of all, is the most efficient and successful overseer, whether he can preach or not himself.  No man, overseer or not, ought to appear before the people publicly more than is acceptable to them.  Many men kill themselves off by talking too much and being too officious.





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