Christian Church, Lynnville, Tennessee

My interest in this congregation is tied to James Walton Shepherd’s holding-forth there in the middle 1890’s. He preached regularly at Lynnville after his stint in Australia and new Zealand and before his editorial duties for Gospel Advocate in Nashville (and briefly at Nashville Bible School as Librarian).  It was during Shepherd’s ministry at Lynnville that his Handbook on Baptism was published by Gospel Advocate Publishing Company (1894).  Lynnville is due south of Nashville, equidistant bewtwen Columbia and Pulaski, in the heart of Middle Tennessee.  This card is postamrked 23 September 1909.

1 thought on “Christian Church, Lynnville, Tennessee

  1. The R. W. Waldrop who published the picture is my great-Uncle Rupert (on my Mother’s side). My grandmother Stanton was from Lynnville. When my mother would go to Lynnville to stay with family, she would go to a church of Christ (she does not remember where the church met) that was so small that one of the women would lead the singing from their seat.

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