2 thoughts on “Firm Foundation Lesson Card, February 23, 1958

  1. Mac, the doctrine is not particularly insightful to students of the movement. However, I find the photo particularly surprising. Ornate building complete with sophisticated Greek architecture, likeness of Jesus in the stained-glass window, crucifix emblem on the pew, etc. The painting appears to reflect mainline protestant “high church.”

    • I notice the same, Logan. Cards such as these were used by Baptists, Methodists and Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. Standard Publishing issued them, as did GA and Firm Foundation. I have not yet seen any put out by Christian Board of Publication (Disciples) but will not be surprised if I learn of it. CoC publishers bought old curriculum from other groups (David C. Cook, Standard, etc.) edited it and published under a new name. The same obtained for noninstutional publishers who edited mainstream CoC material. The cards are an ephemeral witness to a doctrinal-marketing-publishing web that has not been probed for all its worth…yet.

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