5 thoughts on “Our Distinctive Plea: A Tract by J. C. Holloway, 1905

  1. This is a find Mac. Where did you get J.C. Holloway’s tract?? I have been trying to track his story down since the mid-90s and included his tangle with Harding in Kingdom Come. I will of course be swiping the content here. Do you know if any of his journal “Defender of the Word” is around. No one that I know has any copies.

    • most excellent! i inherited this tract from M. C. Ice, my grandfather, who got from his dad, Dr. K. C. Ice. Swipe away, ’tis yours for the taking. DCHS has, I think, an entire run of Defender of the Word, brief as that run may have been. it is a large paper, near 11 by 17 if memory serves, on good paper with a rather striking masthead. young James A. Allen was either an associate editor, junior editor or some such. he took issue with harding in the paper.

  2. Mac I will take any treasures you do not want to keep. I will need to visit the DCHS for Defender. I did not know they had it. I need to get in that to flesh out the story in Kingdom Come and my earlier CSC Paper. If you are offering I am more than willing to take. 🙂

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