From Boscobel Street to Shelby Avenue

From Gospel Advocate 28 September 1933:

Home-Coming Opens.

The new church building on Shelby Avenue, at Seventeenth Street, was opened last Lord’s day for two services.  Lytton Alley preached at the morning service and E. Gaston Collins at night.  Three were baptized and one placed membership.  The home-coming services continue through Sunday, with a different speaker each evening.  The church is known as the Shelby Avenue congregation.  It was formerly Boscobel Street, and is located one block from where the congregation has worshipped for the past twenty-five years.  The building was filled for the services Sunday.

Shelby Avenue Church of Christ closed in 2010.  I took these pics before the property sale.  The older photo I’m holding is from the middle 1950’s.

Might you have or know someone who has a photograph of the building on Boscobel Street, built in 1908 and used by the Boscobel Street Church until 1933?  Might you have any bulletins, newsletters or church directories from this congregation (in either location)?  Boscobel Street’s earlier name was Rothchild (or Rothschild) Avenue.  To some sources, Gospel Advocate among them, this same congregation is known as Rothchild Avenue Church of Christ.  One congregation, two locations, and three names!

Lytton Alley lived in North/West Nashville and preached often for local congregations.  Should you know anything of him, or of his family, I will most happy to learn!

3 thoughts on “From Boscobel Street to Shelby Avenue

  1. Mac, I’m pretty sure E.G. Sewell lived for many years on Boscobel Street. I believe Earl West even gave the street number in his Search for the Ancient Order.

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