Gilroy Church of Christ, Antioch, Tennessee

I was asked about Gilroy Church and replied with as much as I know, which is precious little.

Their website has a brief historical sketch.  Gilroy church, as it stands today, is visible from I-24 westbound just at the county line as you come into Nashville.  I presume this is the same site as the old Gilroy school in which the congregation first met, in 1914, then renovated a bit at a time until 1972.

Jesse Vincent Mullins, a member at LaVergne Church of Christ a few miles to the southeast, looks to be the spark plug in the earliest days of the infant congregation.  I can’t say that he was a preacher as such are commonly understood, but Jesse was a church-planter whatever his occupation.  I would like to know more about the first families who comprised the Gilroy Church.  Nearby Churches of Christ are Hill’s Chapel to the west, Rock Spring to the south, Antioch, Pleasant Hill and Una to the northeast, and LaVargne and Burnette’s Chapel to the southeast.  Nolensville is further south and Philippi further east.  Did any of these congregations send folks to Gilroy?  Did Gilroy provide a closer option?  A side note, Hill’s Chapel Church of Christ closed in the late 1990’s, 1999 if memory serves, and at one time was an active little group.  In 1915 your feet or your horse’s were preferred means of travel so a little band meeting in a renovated schoolhouse miles closer to home is a boon to convenience.  The congregation by all accounts was small, relatively, until the suburban boom of the 1970’s.  Where The Saints Meet has them at 167 (in 1983), 115 (in 1990), and 45 (by 2009).

I also wonder who George Johnson is and what is his relationship to Jesse Vincent Mullins.  Jesse rejoices when the Gilroy school comes back into Johnson’s possession.  Where did George Johnson worship?  At one these several Christian Churches?

I have posted here the only known photo of that little renovated schoolhouse.  At least it was told to me that this is the only known photo of the first building.  I trust my friend to provided it to me, but I wonder if I may find another by searching for the Gilroy School (this search is on a very long to-do list).  I wonder if someone reading this might have photographs, maybe even an interior photo or a photo of the congregation.  Or photographs of the Johnson and Paul families?  Or of Jesse Mullins? Or memories of growing up at Gilroy Church of Christ.  The comments are open, or if you prefer to contact me privately: icekm [at] aol [dot] com.


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