Which Church Did Christ Build?: A Tract by John T. Hinds

While I’m thinking about McMechen, I thought I’d post this tract by John T. Hinds.   I think it a fair assumption, based on his post-script, that the handwriting on the envelope (the inked address) is Hinds’.  K. C. Ice’s hand pencilled the tract’s title on the end of the envelope, as was his preference, for his system of storage and retreival (whatever that was and however it worked for him).  If I’m right then this tract pre-dates 1912, as do the other leaflets Hinds mentions in the postscript.

3 thoughts on “Which Church Did Christ Build?: A Tract by John T. Hinds

  1. Very cool, Mac. I have several of these Hinds’ tracts from my grandfather. I have another one that is the same size that has a huge chart on inside about establishing the church of Christ. I’ll have to find it and show it to you.

    • Excellent! Yes, I would like to see it, especially the chart. Hinds had several tracts published by Firm Foundation; yet this appears to be self-published. You should scan and post them to theologicalsweets for all to enjoy

  2. CTS holds a quite different printing of this pamphlet with JTH’s byline under the title but no indication of his geographic location. i find no identification of a publisher in the pamphlet itself, but it appears to be a product of Eugene S Smith from the early 1940s.

    Another, much more elaborate, tract treating “The Use of Instrumental Music in the Worship of God,” was printed by Firm Foundation in 1936, and places JTH in Rogers, Arkansas.

    God’s Peace to you.


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