Short Mountain Youth Camp, Woodbury, TN, 1960

Twelve-page (unpaginated) booklet describing facilities and programs at Short Mountain Youth Camp in advance of the 1960 summer season.  Issued by William H. Brown from 1414 Pennock Avenue in East Nashville, this item measures 6 x 9 inches on semi-gloss paper, stapled twice on the short side.  In 1960 W. H. “Pop” Brown lived about a block northwest of Lischey Avenue Church of Christ where he served as one of its four elders (see also New Testament Churches of Today (Vol. 1, 1960, p. 237).

I welcome comments and memories about Short Mountain Camp and certainly welcome information about who may have saved other publications, papers, or photos such as this one.


6 thoughts on “Short Mountain Youth Camp, Woodbury, TN, 1960

  1. I went to Short Montain Christian camp the Summer of 1957. I have great memories of fun there, but did not want to go back. three days without a bath were too much for me.

  2. Our Church would go every Labor Day weekend and my siblings and I would be their through the summer for a few weeks. I have many photos of Short Mountain. A little man named Pete was caretaker back then.

  3. Was counselor there in 1995…it was an interesting week. One highpoint…went hiking with the caretaker’s son as our guide. We went just before dinner. After hiking a while I noted to him that it was dinner time we needed to get back. OK, he said. 15-20 minutes later we are headed down a trail and I hear him exclaim, “Oh, I know where we are at now!”

  4. Me & my 2 sister’s & brother all went to short mountain camp in 1965 and boy we had so much fun there. Now i have a daughter she loves this camp she cant wait to go this summer 2015

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