Postcard, Madison Church of Christ, Madison, TN

Undated postal card, 3.5 x 5.5 in.  Note perforations across the top edge.  Minister Ira Lutts North, Bible in one hand as he extends the other, steps out into the pathway welcoming you to Madison Church.

4 thoughts on “Postcard, Madison Church of Christ, Madison, TN

  1. I remember in the 80’s, the visitors would be asked to raise their hands and an usher would bring them a visitor card – half of which was a post card similar to the above. We were so proud of that – the usher might as well have said “You’re welcome” as he handed it to the visitor- like we were a tourist destination and you would certainly want to have a souvenir or send it home to grandma: “Hey! Went to Madison today….also the Grand Ole Opry and Opryland and they were ok….but Madison….that was amazing!”

    • Thanks John. I knew there must be something to it and your explanation fills on the gap. Now I have a couple very early Madison directories I will scan and put up in a separate post. Do you know where I can get copies of
      Later directories that no one needs or wants?

  2. Just stumbled across your site. Some good stuff here!

    Best source for Madison directories is our “historian” Jerry Sherrill, long-time minister. We’ve got old directories all over the building. What time frames are you interested in?

    I too share your interest in Restoration history, having studied under George Benson, Earl West, and Bill Humble.

    I look forward to reading…

    Frank Rosch

    • Thank you for the kind words, Frank. Yes, look around, I hope you find it helpful.

      I am interested in all aspects and all time periods of the restoration story here in Nashville, from Barton Stone’s 1796 preaching at Thomas Craighead’s Spring Hill church to the present day.. I am also interested in seeking out documents (like directories, bulletins, sermons, congregational meeting minutes(especially from closed congregations), photos and other items) so that an informed history of the churches in our city can be preserved. I realize everything can’t be saved, but in some cases all that is known about a congregation is its name…no other records seem to exist, or if they do they are tucked away in a closet.

      If you are on facebook, look up the Nashville Churches of Christ History group.

      Thank you again! Help spread the word!

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