Never Such a Book Offer: A List of F. L. Rowe’s publications, 30 June 1931

When I copied this page Cassius was on my radar as my red-pencil underline indicates.  The ‘Standard Books’ in the lower left column are from Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, O.  Ah…if these could be had today at 1931 prices…”perfect in every way and clean” at that!

Christian Leader 1931 book list

1 thought on “Never Such a Book Offer: A List of F. L. Rowe’s publications, 30 June 1931

  1. Watts, Cal., Sept. 14 [1925] — Your letter with $22.00 is received and I thank God and take courage. When I look back on my seemingly misspent and misunderstood life, I say to myself, “Old man, you are close to the end of your journey and your cherished hopes have been poorly realized. I have been an outcast, a beggar and a sort of tolerated incumbrance on the brotherhood. But I only ask that I may fill out my life work to the end of my ability to go. I also acknowledge the receipt of $2.00 from a sister in Kansas, and a dollar from a brother at Filmore, Cal. Brethren, I must get rid of my book, “The Third Birth of a Nation.” I wish the elders and deacons in every Church of Christ that have known, helped and encouraged me, would send to Bro. Rowe for a few copies and just give them to the colored people of their community. The book preaches a better sermon, right living, and primitive Christianity than I will ever be able to preach from the pulpit. And above all, it will pay the $300 I owe for the printing of the book. So that what I sell will help me continue my work. I thank God, I thank the brethren, but keep this fact in mind: Bro. Cassius ain’t dead yet. No! not by a jug full. Until that $300 is raised the book can be had at 50 cents each and up, either from or the Christian Leader. S. R. Cassius. 811 Walton Ave. [Christian Leader 39 no 40 (6 October 6 1925): 11.]

    In June 1931 SRC is mortally ill. He dies on 10 August 1931. This is a window on his relations with Frederick Louis Rowe, and there are more windows to be opened. This may be the “printing bill” that caused SRC to lose his homestead in Tohee, Oklahoma. In June 1931 FLR publishes his reflections on “race relations” — an essay painful to read, invoking his relationship with SRC. That issue is not included in the microfilm of Christian Leader, but Christian Theological Seminary holds it.

    God’s Peace to you.


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