Horace Busby preaches at Hillsboro Church, April 18-25, 1943

The Apostolic Times carries this ad for the Busby-Neal [sic, Neil] meeting at Hillsboro Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, seventy years ago this week:

Busby, Neal at Hillsboro April 1943

By April 1943 Horace Wooten Busby, age 59, had engaged in full-time ‘meeting work’ for over thirty years.  By 1952 he held 1,000 meetings like this one at Hillsboro resulting in about 18,000 baptisms.  Busby says of himself: “was member of the Presbyterian Church until grown.  Read the Bible and made own decision to leave error.”  H. E. Warlick baptized him in November 1904.  See Batsell Barrett Baxter and M. Norvel Young, eds. Preachers of Today. The Christian Press: Nashville, 1952, pages 58-59.

Robert Gill Neil, age 33, was a beloved teacher and coach at David Lipscomb College.  Though comparatively young, by 1943 he led singing for gospel meetings across Nashville and beyond.  His mentors in song leading were C. M. Pullias and B. H. Murphy (who led singing for N. B. Hardeman’s Tabernacle Meetings in the 1920’s).  While a student at Vanderbilt School of Religion, Neil took courses in church music and sang in the School of religion choir.  But before 1943 ended Bob Neil was no longer employed at David Lipscomb College.  Perhaps more on that story at another time.  See Jim Turner, Brother Bob: The Life and Times of Robert Gill Neil. David Lipscomb University: Nashville, 1997, pages 102-104.

Serving Hillsboro as Minister was Benton Cordell Goodpasture, Editor of Nashville’s Gospel Advocate.

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