9 thoughts on “Philip S. Fall, Tolbert Fanning, E. G. Sewell, J. C. McQuiddy, James A. Harding

  1. I would love to know more about the McQuiddy family. I have read that J.C. McQuiddy was more moderate in the early 20th century than many of his Nashville peers on some issues of the day. When I was a Lipscomb student in the ’70’s the McQuiddy family still owned the Gospel Advocate and it was widely rumoured that they were members of the Christian Church. At some point the patriarch (David?) may have become a member of a Church of Christ (Hillsboro?) because it was then widely broadcast that the owner was a member of the Church of Christ. Before then, however, there was a conspicuous silence about the Christian Church rumor.

    • Did not know that, by my time at DLU the McQuiddy family had long since sold the Advocate to Neil Anderson; David L. McQuiddy Jr. at the time of his death was a member, I believe, at First Presbyterian Church on Franklin Road.

  2. That is very interesting about David McQuiddy. That would have put him at First Presbyterian the same time, I believe, as Athens Clay Pullias. His religious evolution may have been from Christian Church to Church of Christ to Presbyterian. Maybe another commenter will know for sure.

  3. It’s been a number of years, however, my recollection is that the Pullias funeral was conducted at Christ Church – Episcopal on Broadway in Nashville. If, however, Pullias was a member at First Presbyterian, that raises the question – at least, in my mind – as to what would have caused the change of venue for his funeral. In the absence of any information, personally at hand, to ascertain the facts of the matter, my thinking is that Pullias and his family were attending Christ Church – Episcopal. Whether he had been confirmed or not, is another question entirely.

  4. Leroy Garrett wrote an article about Pullias in the April, 1979 issue of Restoration Review entitled “What Do You Do When Your Leader Goes To The Presbyterians?” In addition, a number of far right publications attacked Pullias at the time for becoming a Presbyterian. Apparently he left Churches of Christ for First Presbyterian and then at some point changed to the Episcopal Church. He was an important but enigmatic leader of the “Nashville establishment” of Churches of Christ. Hopefully someone will eventually write a biography of his life or at least a biographical article.

  5. I’ve been able to find out that Leon B. McQuiddy, J.C. McQuiddy’s oldest son, succeeded his father as the owner and publisher of the Gospel Advocate until his death in 1950. Leon McQuiddy fought in WW1 which would have put him on the other side of the prevailing pacifism of Churches of Christ and especially of the Gospel Advocate. He chose three editors of the GA including Foy Wallace, Jr. and B.C. Goodpasture. I believe David McQuiddy was his nephew.

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