4 thoughts on “Park Circle Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, 7 December 1939

  1. It is interesting to see that several of the meeting houses for Churches of Christ in Gnashville in 1939 are exactly that, houses. They are obviously converted private dwellings — or, perhaps, “the church in [someone’s] house,” a biblical idea. We may wonder, then, whether these are congregations resulting from missionary work, and whether they will later choose to build elaborate edifices “like the nations.”

    In August 1941 George Henry Pryor Showalter goes out “kodaking” on a Sunday afternoon in Austin, Texas, capturing images of the meeting houses of Churches of Christ for the Firm Foundation. You may find that project an interesting comparison to the Advocate’s “Nashville Special.”

    God’s Peace to you.


    • Yes, Don, they are private dwellings, converted dwellings, halls rented from Oddfellows, Masons, Red Men and Presbyterians, even one in a chicken coop for a short while. Circumstances of origin vary from intentional peaceful swarming from established congregations, or what might be called today a missional plant, to nasty divisions, with varying degrees in between. By and by they will acquire magnificent facilities (Russell Street pic is forthcoming), build magnificent facilities (as does Granny White in the 50’s and Madison in the 60’s), replete with cushioned pews, air conditioning and gymnasiums, er, um, family life centers… Others with lesser financial means and social capital will remain in the same location in the same frame structures.

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