Rains Avenue Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, 7 December 1939

Rains Avenue


5 thoughts on “Rains Avenue Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, 7 December 1939

    • Thank you Barbara; do you know of anyone who has bulletions or directories or other sych paper from Rains Ave? Would like to see a clearer photo too; this is the only one Ive seen if the white frame building

  1. I grew up at Rains Avenue Church of Christ. I watched it grow. The building that stands today is the one I remember. I remember when the addition of classrooms was made on the side of the building. Rains Avenue started out as a basement building. Then the building was built over top of the basement church. Some of the families there were, the Normans, the Fosters, the Fergusons and the Carvells. There are many others. I have an old directory of the members and I have a history which I wrote many years ago. I will find that and post more information later. Barbara Thweat told me about this site and I am glad to share any information I might have about this wonderful memory.

  2. My grandfather built the building that now stands at 136 Raines Avenue. His name was Gilbert Carvell, and he built several church buildings in his lifetime. I have a number of old items from Raines Avenue, including a 1950 bulletin, wishing my father, David, good luck as he left for the army. There are many folks in my family that could add to Barbara’s and Judy’s great accounts.

    • Darlene, I appreciate your comment very much. I would like to correspond with you about these historical items from Rains Avenue. macice27 @ gmail.com or icekm @ aol.com

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