8 thoughts on “Waverly-Belmont Church of Christ, Nashville, TN, 7 December 1939

  1. I visited Waverly Belmont several times in the fall of 1974 as a freshman at Lipscomb. It was a popular church for students at that time, so popular in fact that many of us had to worship in an overflow area in the basement and watch the service upstairs from a television monitor.

  2. That’s fascinating. I think it closed down not too long after that. (Mac, do you have a date for that?) The building is still there; it’s being used by a nondenom/community church.

    • Waverly-Belmont fed into Woodmont Hills through mergers with University and Green Hills. The move to form Ashwood in the former Hillsboro building on 21st came in the mid to late 70’s, not very long after Gary’s 1974 visit. Gary do you remember anything about the relocation to old Hillsboro?

  3. No, like most freshmen I visited many congregations my first quarter usually because a particular congregation was having a fellowship meal that Sunday! But I settled at Owen Chapel in early 1975 and then placed membership at Donelson in the fall of 1976. I just remember hearing at some point about the merger.

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  5. I’m wondering who might have all the records of the congregation? I’m particularly interested in what records might still exist on their end for a congregation they helped establish back in the later part of the 60s/early 70s.

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